MS Student

On Saturday, October 21st, yet another ILCS student displayed a  remarkable act of courage. Eighth-grader Michael Lamphear, alongside his father, Mike Lamphear, were traveling down Moose River Road in Old Forge, NY, when an unexpected incident unfolded before their eyes. As their truck rumbled down the road, a vehicle in front suddenly swerved off course, into a treacherous ditch, where it tumbled end over end.

I asked Michael to recount his thoughts in that harrowing moment. He shared,  “The dude just rolled his truck and he could have been hurt. It was scary at first because I didn’t know what to do, but my dad told me to go check on the driver while he called 911. It all happened so fast.” 

While his father made the call, Michael approached the upside down truck. The driver hung upside down, held by a stubborn seatbelt. Michael, fueled by courage, sprang into action, assisting the disoriented and prying open the mangled door. Michael later shared that the driver, miraculously, seemed to have avoided severe injury but was shaken by the traumatic ordeal.

As they awaited the arrival of the police and ambulance, Michael once again demonstrated his heroism. He ventured back into the twisted wreck, retrieving the driver's glasses and cell phone.

Acts of valor and kindness such as these deserve our utmost recognition and gratitude. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Michael and Mike Lamphear for exemplifying the noblest form of humanity – doing the right thing in the face of adversity. Your courage shines as a beacon of hope and inspires us all.