The Yearbook Project

During the 2nd Quarter, the Blue Team completed Mrs. Wolfe's Yearbook Project in Makerspace. The Middle School students were each assigned a set of Indian Lake Central School Yearbooks. The students wandered through the "wonder" phase first. They asked important questions, and then created data sheets to drive their research. The Blue Team created a timeline based on the information they researched. Mrs. Flemington's college level statistics course offered help creating charts and graphs for the timeline based on the data collected by the middle school students. 

The final portion of their project was to interview a past ILCS graduate. Students created their questions and scheduled their own interviews. We had variety of past ILCS alumni come in for their interviews. The Blue Team enjoyed learning their local history through a variety of mediums. The Red Team is currently doing The Yearbook Project and is excited to share their interviews this spring! 

To watch the interviews please visit: 

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McKenzy's Yearbook Project: 

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